I'm Ju-Won Kim, the CEO of LODGE, a fashion brand striving for chic and comfort in everyday life and travel. 

I began a travel with 1.5 million Korea Won. And for 6 years I visited 240 cities in 45 countries (in between as a working holiday maker and freediving instructor). 

My motivation for this fashion business was a curiosity: How about expressing my travel experiences with “clothes suitable for travel”?

What is LODGE? 

Lodge means a "hut" in the forest that we reached while exploring. We are trying to become a clothing company that provides comfort to the tired and weary travelers. 

During my long journey, the boundaries between travel and everyday life blurred. I looked for clothes that always showed traveler’s freedom. But the clothes I bought while traveling had the downsides: their fabric wasn't good, their colors ran off easily when washed, and they didn't last long. We [Lodge] wanted to overcome these shortcomings identified, taking account of the travelers’ needs. So, we [Lodge] can now create clothes that not only I, but also many travelers can enjoy together on their trips and in everyday life.

Mountains and wind, waves and sunsets, land and trees - We make clothes that incorporate nature.

The photos above are taken from the record of our trip to Oregon, USA, which inspired Lodge. Oregon is the birthplace of many outdoor and camping brands including Nike. And it is said that these brands were built by climbers and adventurers. So, we got the idea that travelers should make their own travel clothes. We want to make clothes that incorporate nature - the most important factor in travel.

I dream of meeting people wearing Lodge on the trip one day.